Reborn Baby Princess Charlotte

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Reborn Baby Princess Charlotte

Reborn baby made on the Princess Charlotte kit by sculptor Tomas Dyprat.

Measures approximately 61cm (24/25 inches). Weighs 3.100kg

Representing a one year old baby.
Full, curved, arm and leg limbs.

Fabric body filled with beaded glass and stuffing.

Hair painted with real effect.
Comes with clothes.
German glass eyes.

Reborn Baby Princess Charlotte

Reborn baby made on a kit by the prestigious sculptor Tomas Dyprat.

The head of this Reborn baby has slight mobility, imitating a real baby. This is a hyperrealistic doll as it has a very soft touch, like real baby skin and has a multitude of details such as wrinkles, skin mottling, small veins, dribble and mucus.

The baby has been artistically created using the painting technique Génesis, top quality and baked to give it a really real look.

The baby Reborn has a concentrated perfume imitating a real baby.

It has a manicure and pedicure with permanent fixation. The hair is painted, imitating the real hair of a baby. You may choose the eye colour as well as the material they are made from; German glass or poliglas.

Babies come with a magnetic pacifier but please note; these magnets are not recommended for anyone who has a pacemaker or the like. If this is the case, please notify me so the magnets can be removed.

Dolls will also have a magnetic hair bow.

The clothing the baby comes with will be of my choosing although this will be as close as possible to the photos shown. A baby vest, nappy, a cloth or a small blanket will also be included.

The package also comes complete with a personalised birth certificate with a photo of the baby and an instruction manual about how to care for your Reborn baby.


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