Reborn Babies

My name is Liliana and I’m an artist with a passion for Reborn Babies

Reborn Babies

Two years ago I discovered this beautiful art and as many of you may also experience, I fell in love. This was also when I decided to create them. By assisting classes and perfecting techniques, I ended up developing a style completely different and personal that you can see and share here on this website.

Our realistic dolls are made by hand and created with all the love of Liliana, the Reborn artist, over base kits of prestigious sculptors, creating a finished aspect which is astonishingly realistic.

Personalised Reborn babies

We really care about quality, about our clients and about our dolls. The Reborn babies that you will find here on our page are all vinyl of the highest quality. We use the best mohair for the babies with rooted hair and we use Génesis paints that when baked, give a very real skin effect. When you hold one of our Reborn babies in your arms, you will understand why multitudes of these babies have been adopted.

Why choose a Reborn baby?

These dolls are desired by many people all over the world for many reasons. Perhaps you are a doll collector that admires and appreciates true detail, a girl who wants a realistic doll, perhaps you’re a mother who has experienced the loss of a loved one or if you simply miss the feeling of happiness that holding and hugging a little baby brings, one of these realistic Reborn babies is the perfect complement for your home.

Reborn Baby

In our shop you can request a custom made Reborn baby or simply select one of our finished and available babies. The adopted reborn babies come with all their accessories including outer clothes, inner vest, a nappy, a pacifier and a magnetic hair bow as well as a personalised birth certificate. The doll comes full of minute detail such as painted finger and toe nails, inserted eye lashes, natural skin mottling, small veins, glass eyes… all these meaning that the finished product appears as an authentically real baby and also meaning that every baby is unique and special

At Liliana Reborn we facilitate you in every way possible so you can enjoy your Reborn Baby as soon as possible. We offer different payment methods (including fractioning payments into 6 months) and an urgent shipping service to receive your baby in 24 hours for Spanish orders.